Company Profile

Geothermal Power Limited (GPL)

Geothermal Power Limited (GPL) is a company incorporated in Mauritius with the objective of developing Geothermal Power resources, firstly in Africa and expanding into Asia.

GPL combines in its ownership the joint support and skills of:
  • Geothermal Engineering Gmbh (Geo-T), a German company formed to promote the utilisation of geothermal energy and technology,
  • Aspac Mining Limited (Aspac) of Mauritius, an active promoter of energy development with related coal mining in Tanzania, and unconventional gas operations in Indonesia and Malawi; and
  • Other shareholders with diversified Australian and Singaporean investment and finance interests.


GPL’s modus operandi is to establish local Geothermal Power companies with independent shareholding structures but majority controlled by GPL as the holding company.

GPL has assembled some of the world’s leading geothermal scientists in its organisation and, in certain target East African countries, considerable exploration has been successfully completed.
GPL has identified Tanzania as having strong geothermal potential and the right commercial and political environment to launch GPL’s operations.

Geothermal Power Tanzania (GPT)

Geothermal Power Tanzania Limited (GPT) has been established in Dar es Salaam in which GPL has a 70% equity interest plus management. 

The remaining 30% equity is held by the Tanzanian Government’s “National Development Corporation” and local mining company “Interstate Mining & Minerals Ltd”.