GPT promotes Tanzania’s involvement in renewable power generation

Release date: January 28, 2013

Tanzania is rich in geothermal resources. The country has the potential to cover at least 10 % of its power shortfalls by deep geothermal energy. Geothermal Power Tanzania Ltd. (GPT) now expedites geothermal exploration in the volcanic regions from Ngozi to Livingstone faults.

For years, Tanzania focuses the development of renewable energy. From the country’s high potential of solar, biomass, hydro- or geothermal power, only hydroelectric power was vastly developed during the past, with unreliable working plants. Meanwhile, due to recent droughts, hydropower production dropped down to a minimum. Owing the deficient developed grid more than 80% of the population are not connected to electric power. 

Tanzania is in need of base-load power generation. Geothermal energy can help to overcome these problems. The country is rich in deep geothermal resources and bears promising prospects, particularly in the volcanic regions of Ngozi, Rufiji, Mbeya and Livingstone faults. After his visit to Kenya, the Tanzanian President stated to track the Kenyan proficiency and to push geothermal development in Tanzania. GPT allocates 5 million USD for geothermal exploration. GPT chairman Graeme Robertson revealed to target the volcanic regions of Mbeya and surroundings. Prospecting licenses of Rufiji and Mbeya have been issued to GPT. In strong cooperation with the Tanzanian government GPT will continue exploring the geothermal resources of the country.

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