African Development Bank supports Geothermal development in Tanzania

Last week a government-hosted workshop on the plan to developing a "Geothermal Legal and Regulatory Framework" took place in Dar-es-Salaam/Tanzania. The country is willing to tap its geothermal potential as the prospective renewable energy resource.

The aim of the event was to prepare a base on which an effective legal and regulatory framework for the support of geothermal development in Tanzania could be established in the future. Currently, the government uses the existing Mining Act to share licenses to companies and enterprises interested in geothermal development. A new regulatory framework allows considering geothermal separately and adequately.

Besides the Tanzanian government workshop co-organizers have been the African Development Bank (AfDB), British High Commission, supported by the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). Participants from various facilities and companies gathered at the event. Geothermal Power Ltd. was represented by Cedric Simonet (COO) and Horst Kreuter (Director). The fact that private stakeholder attended the sessions proofs that GPL meanwhile has set relevant aspects in the discussion on a turnaround in the energy policy of Tanzania. As a PPP between the Government of Tanzania and a private developer the first steps in the development of the geothermal resources have already been taken. The first geothermal exploration well in Tanzania was started in January 2013.

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