Overview of Activities in Tanzania

GPL currently holds six Prospecting Licences in Tanzania through its subsidiary Geothermal Power (Tanzania) Limited (GPT) and is actively inspecting potential in neighbouring countries.

Extensive geothermal investigation has been undertaken by European agencies in Tanzania resulting in the identification of an area near the city of Mbeya as having greatest potential. This geotechnically well-defined area exhibits both conventional geothermal and hot water potential.

Mbaka Area

Geotechnical results from GPT lease areas incorporating extensive hot springs (70 °C) along the Mbaka fault regions indicate thermal water of more than 160 °C at a relatively shallow depth (less than 800m) , located to the north of Lake Nyasa in southwest Tanzania. [more]

Ngozi Area

At Lake Ngozi, a conventional geothermal resource has been identified at less than 2,500 m depth with temperatures in excess of 220 °C and capable of supporting a 100 MW geothermal power station. [more]


The Rufiji geothermal lease area in central east Tanzania demonstrates geothermal potential as proven by a successfull exploration well (140°C). [more]